Yerevan, Armenia
9-17 January


IM Pogosyan, Stefan    

Birth year - 2004

Current rating - 2477


2015: winner of Moscow Youth Chess Championship in the U13 age group

2016։ Silver medalist at the Russian Youth Chess Championship in the U13 age group

2018: Champion of European Youth Chess Championship in the U-14 age group

2018: 2nd place on the 3rd board at the World Youth Chess Olympiad Under 16 

2019: Vice-champion of World Youth Chess Championship in the U-16 age group


GM Levin, Evgeny A.  

Birth year - 1990

Current rating - 2527


2017։ Winner of international tournaments “Nesis Cup” and “Open final of NWFD Cup”

2018։ Winner of the Premier League of Russian championship among club teams

2019։ Winner of St. Petersburg Men's Championship

2019։ Winner of international tournaments “Agios Nikolaos” and “Heraklion”



GM Sturua, Zurab 

Birth year -  1959

Current rating - 2530

1975, 1977, 1981, 1984, 1985: Five-time champion of Georgia

1991, 1996: the winner of Masters Open of the Biel Chess Festival.

2005: Sturua tied for 1st–2nd with Mikheil Kekelidze at the Zayed Open in Dubai, winning the tournament on tiebreak

Since 2007 Sturua is the trainer of Georgian women's national team.

2014: the winner of over-50 section of the World Senior Championship.

2015: the winner of over-50 section of the European Senior Championship.


IM Matviishen, Viktor   

Birth year - 2002

Current rating - 2497


Multiple winner of Ukrainian Youth Chess Championships in different age groups.

2013, 2014: Two-time champion of European Youth Chess Championship in the U12 age group

2018: Vice-champion of World Youth Chess Championship in the U16 age group




IM Galperin, Platon   

Birth year - 2003

Current rating – 2460

Two-time champion and prize-holder of Ukrainian Youth Chess Championship 

2017։ 3rd place at the Ukrainian Club Championship among men

2018: Champion of Ukrainian Chess Championship in the U20 age group

2018: Vice-champion of Ukraine in rapid chess in the U20 age group

​2018։ 4th place at the World Championship among amateurs

2019: Vice world champion U18 in the national junior team of Ukraine


IM Davtyan, Artur  

Birth year - 2002

Current rating - 2437


Multiple prize-holder of Armenian Youth Championship.

2018, 2019: Two-time champion of Armenian Youth Championship.

2019: Bronze medal at the World Youth Chess Championship in the U18 age group




FM Barseghyan, Armen  

Birth year - 2003

Current rating - 2408


Multiple prize-holder of Armenian Youth Championship

2017: champion of  U-14 group of Armenian Youth Championship.

2018: hold the 5th place in U-16 group of European Youth Championship in Latvia.

2019։ champion of U-16 group of European Youth Championship․




WIM Sargsyan, Anna M.  

Birth year 2001

Current rating - 2382


2017: Gold medalist at World U-16 Chess Olympiad.

2017: 1st place at the Armenian Girls' U-16 Championship.

2018։ 1st place at the Armenian Club Championship in the team of “Chessify”

2018։ 2nd best result at Karen Asrian Memorial among women

2019: 1st place at Nona Gaprindashvili Cup among women

2019: Gold medalist at European Women's Team Championship on the 4th board


GM Hayrapetyan, Hovik   

Birth year 1990

Current rating 2458


2012, 2015, 2017: 2nd prize-holder of Andranik Margaryan Memorial Round Robin Tournament.

2013, 2016: Winner of the 1st League of the 73rd and 76th Armenian Men’s Championship.

2015: 2nd place at Batumi Municipality Cup.

2019: 3rd place at Karen Asrian Memorial

2019: 2nd place at Nona Gaprindashvili Cup


IM Shahinyan, David   

Birth year 1994

Current rating 2444

Multiple prize-holder of Armenian Youth Championship.

2010: 1st place at the B tournament of Moscow Open.

2010: champion of the World U16 Youth Chess Olympiad․

2011: 1st place at the C tournament of Aeroflot Open.

2015: 1st place at the A tournament of Abrisham Open.

Since 2018 David has been working at the Chess Academy of Armenia as a trainer.

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